Common Fixed Points of Weak Generalized (alpha, psi)-Contractions in Partial Ordered Metric Spaces

G.V.R. Babu, K.K.M. Sarma, V.A. Kumari


In this paper, we introduce a pair (f,g) of weak generalized (α,ψ)-contractive maps with rational expressions and prove the existence of common fixed points when (f,g) is a pair of weakly compatible maps and the range of g is complete in partially ordered metric spaces where f is a triangular (α,g)-admissible map. Further, we prove the same conclusion by relaxing the condition range of g is complete’, but by imposing reciprocally continuity of (f,g) and compatibility of (f,g) in partially ordered complete metric spaces. Our results generalize the results of Arshad, Karapinar and Ahmad [1] and Harjani, Lopez and Sadarangani [5].

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