Addendum to "On Completeness and Bicompletions of Quasi $b$-Metric Spaces"

Maggie Aphane, S.P. Moshokoa


Related to the paper ”On completeness and bicompletions of quasi b-metric spaces” we introduce strong quasi b-metric spaces and show that every strong quasi b-metric space admits a Cauchy bicompletion which is unique up to isometry.

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M. Aphane, S. P. Moshokoa, On completeness and bicompletions of quasi b-metric spaces, Asian Journal of Mathematics and Applications, Vol 2015, Article ID ama0241, 10 pages

T. Van AN, N. Van Dung, Answers to Kirk-Shahzad's questions on strong b-metric spaces

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C. Klin-eam, C. Suanoom, Dislocated quasi b-metric spaces and fixed point theorems for cyclic contractions, Fixed point Theory and applications (2015) 2015:74 DOI10.1186/s13663-015-0325-2


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