Minimum ATI Sampling Plan Indexed Through MAAOQ

Ramkumar Thandiakkal Balan, Eric Mbogoro


This paper is a practical application of designing accurate sampling plan in acceptance sampling replacing AOQL by MAAOQ, eliminating the setbacks of Dodge-Romig (1952) plan. The need of using MAAOQ instead of AOQL is illustrated and the accuracy and direct applicability of the method is explained. The efficiency of the plan compared to Dodge plan is depicted using ATI Table, OC curve and AOQ curve. Also the sampling plans and minimum ATI for many pairs of process average and MAAOQ is developed. The paper is an initiative to reduce the error occurred in the Dodge Sampling plan due to the graphic errors and approximation errors. Exact sampling plans at any MAAOQ can be determined using computer algorithm so that there is no need of tables or graphs. Also the process average is accounted showing the consistency with control chart. The efficiency of this plan over Dodge sampling plan in terms of sample size, minimum ATI and probability of acceptance at better quality levels were shown. A chance for shifting the outgoing quality from MAAOQ to an extreme point AOQL is also mentioned in the study.

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