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Asian Journal of Mathematics and Applications (ISSN 2307-7743) is a peer-reviewed international journal. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for mathematicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of mathematics and its applications. Accepted papers will be published online without delay. The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields: Applied Probability; Applied Statistics; Approximation Theory; Chaos Theory; Combinatorics; Complexity Theory; Computability Theory; Computational Methods in Mechanics and Physics; Continuum Mechanics; Control Theory; Cryptography; Discrete Geometry; Dynamical Systems; Elastodynamics; Evolutionary Computation; Financial Mathematics; Fuzzy Logic; Game Theory; Graph Theory; Information Theory; Inverse Problems; Mathematical Biology; Mathematical Chemistry; Mathematical Economics; Mathematical Physics; Mathematical Psychology; Mathematical Sociology; Matrix Computations; Neural Networks; Nonlinear Processes in Physics; Numerical Analysis; Operations Research; Optimal Control; Optimization; Ordinary Differential Equations; Partial Differential Equations; Probability Theory; Statistical Finance; Stochastic Processes; Theoretical Statistics.

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The submitted manuscript should not have been previously published in any form and must not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

To expedite the review process, please format the manuscript in ways as follow:

1. Prepare your manuscript as a single PDF or MS Word document. Any revised manuscripts prepared for publication should be sent as editable documents, such as Latex, MS word, RTF.

2. Manuscripts should include an abstract.

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4. Submitted manuscripts adhering to journal guidelines are reviewed by an Editor, who will assign them to reviewers. The Editorial Board prepares a decision letter according to the comments of the reviewers.

5. Accepted papers will be published online without delay.

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Vol 2018

Table of Contents

Modeling the Role of Wild Birds And Environment in the Dynamics Of Newcastle Disease in Village Chicken
Furaha Chuma, Gasper G. Mwanga, Damian Kajunguri
Article ID ama0446
Full-Text PDF

New Asymptotic Methods in Optimization and Applications
Driss Mentagui
Article ID ama0421
Full-Text PDF

Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Irrigation Water Allocation: A Case Study of Nduruma Catchment-Arusha, Tanzania
Ibrahim Fanuel, Allen Mushi
Article ID ama0449
Full-Text PDF

Greedy Heuristics and Stochastic Matchings
Joydeep Mukherjee, C.R. Subramanian
Article ID ama0452
Full-Text PDF

On the Geometry of Hemi-slant Submanifolds of LP-Cosymplectic Manifold
Siddesha M.S., Bagewadi C.S., Venkatesha S.
Article ID ama0473
Full-Text PDF

Some Distance Based Topological Indices of Strong Double Graphs
Naveed Akhter, Murad Amin, Muhammad Kamran Jamil, Wei Gao
Article ID ama0475
Full-Text PDF

The Distribution of Prime and Composite Numbers by its Unit Digit
Dagnachew Jenber
Article ID ama0489
Full-Text PDF

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