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Further Results on Cocomplete Bipartite Graphs
Veena Mathad, Ali Sahal
Article ID ama010
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On Some Application of the Mathematical Technics to Virology
Aleksander Grytczuk, Krystyna Grytczuk
Article ID ama025
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On Inequality to Generate Some Statistical Distributions
A. F. Oguntolu, U. Y. Abubakar, A. Isah, L. A. Nafiu, K. Rauf
Article ID ama05
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Dynamic Optimization of Portfolios with Tail Conditional Expectation Constraints
Enyinnaya Ekuma-Okereke, Bright O. Osu
Article ID ama029
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Two New Zeta Constants: Fractal String, Continued Fraction, and Hypergeometric Aspects of the Riemann Zeta Function
Stephen Crowley
Article ID ama053
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A Finite Reflection Formula for a Polynomial Approximation to the Riemann Zeta Function
Stephen Crowley
Article ID ama054
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The Congruence on ∏*-Regular Semigroups
Xiaoqiang LUO
Article ID ama056
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Cohomological Induction on Generalized G-Modules to Infinite Dimensional Representations
Francisco Bulnes
Article ID ama061
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Integral Transforms of the Harmonic Sawtooth Map, the Riemann Zeta Function, Fractal Strings, and a Finite Reflection Formula
Stephen Crowley
Article ID ama055
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Analytic Numeric Solution for SIRC Epidemic Model in Fractional Order
Anwar Zeb, Gul Zaman, M. Ikhlaq Chohan, Shaher Momani, Vedat Suat Ertürk
Article ID ama058
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A Very Brief Introduction to Clifford Algebra
Stephen Crowley
Article ID ama057
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Mutua’s Formula: The Land Surveying Area Solver
Samuel Felix Mutua, Mutua Nicholas Muthama, Mutua Nicholas Mung’Ithya
Article ID ama074
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Cone metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems for GeneralizedT-Reich and T-Rhoades Contractive Mappings
S. K. Tiwari, R .P. Dubey
Article ID ama077
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Forecasting Rainfall of a Region by Using Fuzzy Time Series
Sonal Dani, Sanjay Sharma
Article ID ama065
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The Mc-Dagum Distribution and Its Statistical Properties with Applications
Broderick O. Oluyede, Sasith Rajasooriya
Article ID ama085
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The Conditional Independence of the Riemann Hypothesis in Relation to ZFC
Cristian Dumitrescu
Article ID ama093
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Transient Solution of an M[X]/G/1 Queueing Model with Bernoulli Feed Back, Random Breakdowns, Bernoulli Schedule Server Vacation and Restricted Admissibility
G. Ayyappan, S. Shyamala
Article ID ama033
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A Note on Various Types of Cones and Fixed Point Results in Cone Metric Spaces
Zoran Kadelburg, Stojan Radenovic
Article ID ama0104
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Another Efficient Method of Solving Weighted Goal Programming Problem
Ukamaka Cynthia Orumie, Daniel Ebong
Article ID ama0105
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Free Vibration of Uniform and Non-Uniform Euler Beams Using the Differential Transformation Method
Mahmoud A.A., Abdelghany S.M., Ewis K.M.
Article ID ama097
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Characterizations of Some Alternating and Symmetric Groups
Lingli Wang
Article ID ama0108
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Boundary Value Problem for Two-Layer Half-Plane
O. Yaremko
Article ID ama0112
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Mutua’s Method: Particular Polynomial and Coefficients of Particular Integrals of the Form Ax^ne^{cx}
Samuel Felix Mutua
Article ID ama0110
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