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Solution of Thirteenth Order Boundary Value Problems by Differential Transformation Method
Muzammal Iftikhar, Hamood Ur Rehman, Muhammad Younis
Article ID ama0114
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The Deficient Quartic Spline Interpolation
Y.P. Dubey, R.K. Dubey, S.S. Rana
Article ID ama0120
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Second Hankel Determinant for Subclasses of Pascu Classes of Analytic Functions
M.S. Saroa, Gurmeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh
Article ID ama0127
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Modeling Interactions of Nile Perch, Nile Tilapia and Small Pelagic Silver Fish With Constant Harvesting Efforts in Lake Victoria
James Philbert Mpele, Oluwole Daniel Makinde, Yaw Nkansah-Gyekye
Article ID ama0135
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On the Aleksandrov-Rassias Problem in 2-Normed Space
Qian Zhang, Yubo Liu, Lifang Chang, Meimei Song
Article ID ama0125
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Crank Nicolson Type Method with Moving Mesh for Burgers Equation
Sachin S. Wani, Sarita Thakar
Article ID ama0122
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Curvature Properties of Homogeneous Matsumoto Metric
Narasimhamurthy S.K, Kavyashree A.R, Mallikarjun Y Kumbar
Article ID ama0134
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Computational Dynamics of Solid Waste Generation and Treatment in the Presence of Population Growth
J.P. Senzige, O.D. Makinde, K. Njau, Y. Nkansah-Gyekye
Article ID ama0145
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A Unique Common Fixed Point Result in Cone Metric Space under Generalized Altering Distance Functions
Tanmoy Som, Lokesh Kumar
Article ID ama0133
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An Analytical Study of Strong Non-Planner Shock Waves in Gas-Particle-Mixture
Kanti Pandey, Dewki Nandan Tewari
Article ID ama0140
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On an Essential Connection of the Riemann Hypothesis and Differential Equations
Tomas Perna
Article ID ama0146
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Some Fixed Point Results in b-Metric Spaces
A.K. Dubey, Rita Shukla, R.P. Dubey
Article ID ama0147
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Hilbert's Space-Filling Curve
Tim Tarver
Article ID ama0161
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On Some Results on Linear Orthogonality Spaces
Richmond U. Kanu, Kamilu Rauf
Article ID ama0155
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Fixed Point Theorems For General Contractive Multivalued Mappings
Saurabh Jain, Rekha Jain
Article ID ama0153
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Natural Convection Flow past an Impermeable Vertical Plate Embedded In Nanofluid Saturated Porous Medium with Temperature Dependent Viscosity
Makungu James, E.W. Mureithi, Dmitry Kuznetsov
Article ID ama0165
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On Sum Criterion for the Existence of Some Iterative Methods
K. Rauf, O. T. Wahab, J. O. Omolehin, I. Abdullahi, O. R. Zubair, S. M. Alata, I. F. Usamot, A. O. Sanusi
Article ID ama0157
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On the Derivative of Jacobi’s Polynomial
Manisha Shukla, Swarnima Bahadur
Article ID ama0163
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A Generalized Power Lindley Distribution with Applications
Gayan Warahena-Liyanage, Mavis Pararai
Article ID ama0169
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Chip-Firing Game as Probability Abacus by Characterization of ULD Lattice
Namrata Kaushal, Madhu Tiwari, C. L. Parihar
Article ID ama0167
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Theoretical Properties of the Weighted Feller-Pareto and Related Distributions
Oluseyi Odubote, Broderick O. Oluyede
Article ID ama0173
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Minimum Covering Energy of Some Thorny Graphs
Sudhir R. Jog, Raju Kotambari
Article ID ama0171
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Some Properties of Starlike Functions with Respect to (j,k) Symmetric Conjugate Points
C. Selvaraj, G. Thirupathi, S. Stelin
Article ID ama0187
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The Leontief Input-Output Production Model and Its Application to Inventory Control
Clare Obikwere, Aniekan A. Ebiefung
Article ID ama0183
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A Decomposition of Continuity in Ideal by Using Semi-Local Functions
R. Santhi, M. Rameshkumar
Article ID ama0181
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Extension of Some Fixed Point Theorems on Weakly Contractive Maps
N.K. Singh, R.P. Dubey
Article ID ama0177
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Fekete-Szego Problem for Some Subclasses of Complex Order Related to Salagean Operator
C. Selvaraj, T.R.K. Kumar
Article ID ama0196
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Substituting Gomory Cutting Plane Method towards Balas Algorithm for Solving Binary Linear Programming
Eddy Roflin, Sisca Octarina, Putra BJ Bangun, Cytra Ria Atmanegara, F. E. Zulvia
Article ID ama0156
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Unsteady Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid Due to Impulsive Motion of Plate
Amir Khan, Gul Zaman, Obaid Algahtani
Article ID ama0191
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The Role of Re-Infection in Modeling the Dynamics of One-Strain Tuberculosis Involving Vaccination and Treatment
Goodluck Mika Mlay, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Francis Shahada
Article ID ama0205
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