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Volume 2018

Modeling the Role of Wild Birds And Environment in the Dynamics Of Newcastle Disease in Village Chicken
by Furaha Chuma, Gasper G. Mwanga, Damian Kajunguri
Article ID ama0446
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New Asymptotic Methods in Optimization and Applications
by Driss Mentagui
Article ID ama0421
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Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Irrigation Water Allocation: A Case Study of Nduruma Catchment-Arusha, Tanzania
by Ibrahim Fanuel, Allen Mushi
Article ID ama0449
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Greedy Heuristics and Stochastic Matchings
by Joydeep Mukherjee, C.R. Subramanian
Article ID ama0452
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On the Geometry of Hemi-slant Submanifolds of LP-Cosymplectic Manifold
by Siddesha M.S., Bagewadi C.S., Venkatesha S.
Article ID ama0473
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Some Distance Based Topological Indices of Strong Double Graphs
by Naveed Akhter, Murad Amin, Muhammad Kamran Jamil, Wei Gao
Article ID ama0475
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The Distribution of Prime and Composite Numbers by its Unit Digit
by Dagnachew Jenber
Article ID ama0489
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Addendum to “On Completeness and Bicompletions of Quasi $b$-Metric Spaces”
by Maggie Aphane, S.P. Moshokoa
Article ID ama0488
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