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Volume 2019

Some Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized Contraction Involving Rational Expressions in Complex Valued b-Metric Spaces
by Anil Kumar Dubey, Manjula Tripathi, M.D. Pandey
Article ID ama0503
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A Remark on the Lorentzian Almost Contact Metric Manifolds
by Ajit Barman
Article ID ama0494
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Lot Size on ATI / MAAOQ Protected Acceptance Sampling
by Ramkumar T Balan, Erick Nganzi
Article ID ama0504
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Graph Model for Bio Diversity with an Estimate for Fitness Slope of Indian Tigers
by V. Yegnanarayanan, Y. Krithicaa Narayanaa
Article ID ama0518
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A Coupled Fixed Point Theorem in Complex Valued Metric Spaces
by R. A. Rashwan, M. G. Mahmoud
Article ID ama0517
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Modelling HIV Infection of CD4+ T Cells Using Fractional Order Derivatives
by Stephen I. Okeke, Nwagor Peters, Hosea Yakubu, Ogoegbulem Ozioma
Article ID ama0519
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Fixed Point Theorems for Contractive Mappings of Integral Type
by Robab Hamlbarani Haghi, Negar Bakhshi Sadabadi
Article ID ama0523
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