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Volume 2023

The Hop Total Hub Number of Graphs
by Ali Mohammed Sahal, S. Saleh
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:7
Published: 2023-10-12
On a New Multi-Dimensional Nonlinear Integral Operator: Theory and Examples
by Christophe Chesneau
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:6
Published: 2023-09-04
On Two-Dimensional Functions With an Integral Equal to Zero Over a Rectangle: Application to a Modified Gaussian Distribution
by Christophe Chesneau
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:5
Published: 2023-06-15
Results of Semigroup of Linear Operator Generating a Parabolic Equations Lp(Ω) Theory
by J. B. Omosowon, A. Y. Akinyele, O. Y. Saka-Balogun, B. M. Ahmed
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:4
Published: 2023-03-17
On Logarithmic [p, q]th Order of Entire Functions
by Dibyendu Banerjee, Papai Pal
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:3
Published: 2023-02-16
Faber Polynomial Coefficient Estimates for a Certain Generalized Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Salagean Operator
by Emelike Ukeje
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:2
Published: 2023-02-02
A Short Note on Comparing Bayesian Density Estimation with Univariate Kernel Density Estimation
by Rui Gong, John Chan, Jinwei Liu
Asian J. Math. Appl. (2023) 2023:1
Published: 2023-01-06