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Volume 2021

Dual Properties of ω-Order Reversing Partial Contraction Mapping in Semigroup of Linear Operator
by Jude Babatunde Omosowon, Akinola Yussuff Akinyele, Folashade Mistura Jimoh
Article ID ama0566
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Mathematical Modeling of COVID-19 and Its Transmission in Case of Ethiopia
by Zeleke Beza, Gemechu Diriba
Article ID ama0568
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On a Subclass of λ-Pseudo Starlike Functions
by O.Y. Saka-Balogun, K.O. Babalola
Article ID ama0573
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A Note on (ω+n)-Projective QTAG-Modules
by Fahad Sikander, Ayazul Hasan
Article ID ama0581
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Maximum Modulus and Maximum Term of Generalized Iteration of n Entire Functions
by Dibyendu Banerjee, Simul Sarkar
Article ID ama0577
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Entropy Solutions of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations in Musielak Framework Without Sign Condition and L1 Data
by Badr El Haji, Mostafa El Moumni, Abdeslam Talha
Article ID ama0575
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A Condition on the Probability that a Group Element Fixes a Set
by S. M. S. Omer, K. Moradipour, I. Gambo
Article ID ama0580
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On Relative Order of Iterated Functions with Respect to Iterated Functions of Entire and Meromorphic Functions
by Dibyendu Banerjee, Mithun Adhikary
Article ID ama0585
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Comparison of Adomian and Taylor Polynomial Solutions of Some Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations of Variable Coefficients
by A. K. Jimoh, A. M. Ayinde
Article ID ama0576
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An Extension of Hermite Differential Equation
by Daniel Bratianu
Article ID ama0593
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Goal Programming Problems for Optimal Selection of Raw Food Items in Diet With Energy as Objective Function
by Kiran Kumar Paidipati, Hyndhavi Komaragiri, Christophe Chesneau
Article ID ama0592
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